Zawezo’s version of Kendrick Lamar – Top 100 hit  “Humble” .from his current album “DAMN”.  Lets take a minute to break down Zawezo’s take of this song.

Zawezo’s intention was to keep the integrity of the song in tack as he did his Spanish Remix.  In keeping with the energy and flow of the original song, Zawezo puts his personal life’s lessons and story into his lyrics, while giving respect to the original artist Kendrick Lamar.


Zawezo “Humilde” Spanish Remix

I really relate to this song because it is today’s mindset.  My lyrics state clearly that this generation of music lovers forgets that materialism is not good for the soul.  No matter how accomplished or successful you will become in life, you need to remain “HUMILDE” .  You need to slow down and enjoy the day that you are in.  You don’t have to act like a asshole to earn respect once you’ve accomplished your goals and dreams.

– Zawezo Del’Patio