Zawezo - MulahZawezo Del'Patio ✅ ft Chavito y RealissLatin Trap
Zawezo - ControlZawezo Del'Patio ✅Latin TrapBow
Zawezo - BeautifulZawezo Del'Patio ✅ ft Sally FerreiraPop
Zawezo - PeligrosaZawezo Del'Patio ✅ Dante Damage y Doc JaloLatin Pop
Zawezo - Emoji LoveZawezo Del'Patio ✅ Reggeaton
Zawezo - NoEntiendoZawezo Del'Patio ✅ Latin Pop



"MULAH" Zawezo Ft Chavito y Raeliss



In every music genre there comes an artist that challenges the very definition of that music genre.  With the power of one – himself – Zawezo is establishing a new Latino wave.

Born in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, and raised in Haina, Dominican Republic, Alex Garcia, p.k.a. Zawezo Del’Patio, found himself passionate about music at an early age.  As a child, Zawezo enjoyed listening to American hip hop.    Although he did not speak English, he soon learned how to sing every word and dance every step he saw in American videos.   Recognizing his natural talent, Zawezo realized at an early age that he was born to pursue a career in music.

As young as ten years old, Zawezo began entering street battles in towns throughout his home country: Haina, San Cristobal, Los Mina, Enzanche, Ozama, and Santo Domingo.  Thru the process of winning and losing, Zawezo realized that each challenge was an opportunity to express himself and find his own unique voice.  At 16 during his tour of duty in the Dominican Republic Air Force, Zawezo  continued his music, battles and street venues.  Music was now his life.

It wasn’t until a few years later, while competing with a group he created called Fine Boys, that Zawezo received recognition.   It was then Zawezo felt that his talent was something special, separate from the rest.  Nineteen at the time, Zawezo’s life as he knew it was uprooted when he came to New York to live in the Bronx.  With his desire for music running thru his veins, Zawezo became acquainted with local musicians and rapidly learned to speak English.  It was there in the Bronx streets, the birthplace of Hip Hop, that Zawezo’s met his future recording partner Sensato and together they created the group Del’Patio; the next chapter in his musical career.

Del’Patio was first known as the underground urban hip-hop group from New York.  They broke ground in the industry as one of the only groups at that time singing and rapping in Spanish. Every step brought him deeper into the business of music.  The dynamic duo knew they were destined for success because the industry was their co-sign.  In 2007, Bridgez Magazine named the duo “Artists of Tomorrow”.  They began appearing everywhere – Univision’s Sabado Gigante, (Spanish-language television’s #1 program), MTV Tr3’s “Sucker Free Latino, “ Mun2 (an NBC Universal network), and in 2008 Radio & Records Magazine listed one of their songs as the #6 most played single by Latino DJs in the U.S. .  Zawezo learned quickly that the music business is a business and at times money is held over everything, even partnerships.  Their hit single, “Watagatapitusberry,” taught him lessons about the business that made him decide to become the power of one and launch his solo career. It was back to the lab for Zawezo, this time creating the sound of Zawezo.  It took almost one and half years to create the birth of “El Circo,” his solo project

Music and creativity runs through Zawezo’s veins.  He continues to generate new music and videos.  From the Dominican Republic to  the Bronx, Zawezo continues to challenge himself and his music with his unique style, Latin Trap, Hip Hop, Pop and Latin Rhythms, Lyrics in both Spanish and English, and sick flows both rapping, chanting and singing.  Zawezo has made his mark in the world of International Music.


Creative minds behind the music


Zawezo Del'Patio

Singer / Songwriter / Recording Artist
Owner: AMD Music, LLC

Zawezo Del'Patio

Label/Owner/AMD Music/AMD Studios When it comes to Music - Never wait for anyone to make your career for you. Always lead. Never follow. Creativity ahead of his time. Follow no rules. Generate your own lane . Click for More

     Zawezo is one of the industries most diverse up and coming artists.  With unique flow and creativity, Zawezo has single handed generated a lane for himself in Music.  Both Spanish and English, Singing and rapping.  Chanting and constantly developing new rhythm and sounds, you will be sure to enjoy our diverse and extensive music and video catalogs. Check out Zawezo on Sound cloud and You Tube.  Zawezo will surely bring out the music lover in you. Follow Zawezo on Social Media #Like #Share #Comment #Re-post #Tell_A_Friend Be Creative and post yourself. #Tag @Zawezo a

https://twitter.com/zawezo https://www.facebook.com/ZAWEZODP https://www.instagram.com/zawezo/


DJ Tito Knoise

Producer / Engineer / DJ
CEO Knoise Knation Ent

DJ Tito Knoise

Follow DJ Tito Knoise on Social Media #Like #Share #Comment #Re-post #Tell_A_Friend https://www.instagram.com/titoknoise/ https://www.facebook.com/titoknoise https://twitter.com/titoknoise CLICK FOR MORE

DJ Tito Knoise – Engineer / Producer / DJ.  CEO and Co-founder of Knoise Ent. PD for La Mezcla Radio  Check out more of Tito’s mixes on his Sound Cloud.    Follow DJ Tito Knoise on Social Media #Like #Share #Comment #Re-post #Tell_A_Friend    https://www.instagram.com/titoknoise/   https://www.facebook.com/titoknoise


DJ Netics

DJ / Producer / Mixer DJ Netics
Official DJ for Zawezo

DJ Netics

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Dj Netics repertoire is packed with a variety of sounds that will keep any dance floor moving and asking for more. As an open format Dj, Dj Netics is always searching for the best and Addictive new sounds, Mixing from commercial house to the underground hits, Moombahton, Trap, As well as delivering a very distinctive and unique blend of mashups and remixes of Hip Hop, Reggae/Dancehall, Latin and the classics 70’s, 80’s and todays hits. Dj Netics sets are packed with a variety of international sounds to attract the ear of any client


Monica Mercedes

Artist Development for AMD Music Co-founder Knoise Ent / Digital Marking Specialist

Monica Mercedes

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 Monica Mercedes – Digital Marketing Specialist – CEO of Knoise Ent – Artist Development .  More details at Contact    Follow Monica on Social Media #Like #Share #Comment #Re-post #Tell_A_Friend    https://www.facebook.com/princessknoise  https://www.instagram.com/princessknoise


Azziz Don King Kong

Producer / Engineer


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AzzizEDKK, Producer, engineer is one of Zawezo’s most trusted producers. AzzizEDKK has worked with some of the industries greatest artists.Credits: Trebol Clan, Tali, Lito Kirino, ,Franco Elgorila, J Alvarez,  Gotay, Almyghty, Lyan, Lawrentis,Darell, Kendo, Luigi 21 ,Nova la Amenaza, Ken y , and more..Check out AzzizEdKK on his Sound Cloud  Follow Zawezo on Social Media #Like #Share #Comment #Re-post #Tell_A_Friend https://www.facebook.com/AzzizElDonKingKong  https://www.instagram.com/azzizedkk/




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