Zawezo - MulahZawezo Del'Patio ✅ ft Chavito y RealissLatin Trap
Zawezo - ControlZawezo Del'Patio ✅Latin TrapBow
Zawezo - BeautifulZawezo Del'Patio ✅ ft Sally FerreiraPop
Zawezo - PeligrosaZawezo Del'Patio ✅ Dante Damage y Doc JaloLatin Pop
Zawezo - Emoji LoveZawezo Del'Patio ✅ Reggeaton
Zawezo - NoEntiendoZawezo Del'Patio ✅ Latin Pop



Zawezo Del Patio Ft. Amara La Negra - No Me Digas Que No

  No Me Digas Que No

Zawezo Del’Patio
Mixing Dominican roots, New York swag, and pure love of music, ZAWEZO DEL PATIO is
becoming a respected and recognized figure in the Latin music industry. Zawezo, with his
music, lyrics and versatility will take you through almost every human emotion both in English
and Spanish interchanging the two cultures musically to where they become one unique sound:
Zawezo Del’Patio.
Zawezo was born in the Dominican Republic in a town called San Cristobal and raised in Haina
and Santo Domingo. He found himself passionate about music at an early age. As a child,
Zawezo enjoyed listening to American hip hop artists, such as Naughty by Nature, Wu Tang
Clan, and MC Hammer.and Michael Jackson. These artists inspired him to discover a new
world of music. Although he did not speak English, he soon learned how to sing every word and
dance every step he saw in American videos. Recognizing his natural talent, Zawezo realized at
an early age that he was born to be an artist.
As young as ten years old, Zawezo began entering street battles in towns throughout the
Dominican Republic. Thru this process, Zawezo realized that each challenge was an
opportunity to express himself and find his own unique voice. After winning many battles,
Zawezo was encouraged to take his street battles to the next level and start performing at the
local clubs. Zawezo joined the Dominican Republic’s Air Force at the age of 16. Even while
going through his cadet training, Zawezo continued with his music, battles and street venues.
Music was now his life.
After his service in the Air Force, Zawezo moved to the Bronx, NY to continue his musical
career. With the desire for music running thru his veins, Zawezo became friends with local
musicians and rapidly learned to speak English. It was there in the streets of The Bronx, the
birthplace of Hip Hop, that Zawezo’s met his future recording partner Sensato and together they
created the group Del’Patio; the next chapter in his musical career.
Del’Patio was first known as a underground urban Latin hip-hop group from New York. They
broke grounds in the industry as one of the only groups at that time singing and rapping in
Spanish. Their name spread like wildfire within the industry and their fan base expanded just as
fast. Zawezo and Sensato Del’Patio had made their mark. Each accomplishment brought them
deeper into the world of music. They were destined for success as the industry was their
co-sign. In 2007, Bridgez Magazine named the duo “Artists of Tomorrow”. They began
appearing major media outlets such as Univision’s Sabado Gigante, (Spanish-language
television’s #1 program) and Depierta America, MTV Tr3’s “Sucker Free Latino, “ Mun2 (a NBC
Universal network). In 2008 Radio & Records Magazine listed one of their songs as the No.6
most played single by Latino DJs in the U.S.
After years of hard work, dedication, and struggles, the group had a Hit Song titled
“Watagatapitusberry” Zawezo-Sensato Del’Patio had accomplished a milestone in their careers.
After more than a year of promotion and performing “Watagatapitusberry”, they received a call
from Pitbull to remix the song. While Sensato signed with Pitbull, Zawezo respectfully declined
Pitbull’s offer. Zawezo wished his longtime friend and musical partner success while he
launched his solo career.
In 2011, Zawezo Del Patio released his first project as a solo artist titled “La Independencia”
hosted by AJ El Kallejero and engineered by Dj Dubbz. Zawezo’s sincere desire to create
something uniquely his own came from the mixtape, “La Independencia.” (The Independence).
It celebrated his freedom to be himself but also to showcased his street swag. The booming
bass and kicking drums, along with his compassionate delivery and bold lyrics, sets the tone for
the mixtape and lets you know that Zawezo was ready to move into his career as a solo artist.
Zawezo got back in the booth with the goal of providing his fans a high quality project. He began
collaborating with some of the top producers in the latin industry such as Young Hollywood who
produced “Prrrum” by Cosculluela, A&X who produced the hit “Danza Kuduro” by Don Omar
and Lucenzo, Gill Double G Music who produced “la Fila India” by DNC, KO El Mas Completo,
original producer of “Watagatapitusberry”, and Grammy Award Winning producer, Echo the Lab,
who also engineered the project. Zawezo, with one feature on his album, “Notch” (“Hay Que
Beuno” and “Dale Pa Tra”), along with his team of producers created Zawezo’s debut solo
album titled “El Circo.” The first single off of this album titled “Un Ramo De Flores” reached No.4
on the Romance Charts in Mexico. As the sole writer, director, photographer, videographer,
editor and producer of album’s videos, Zawezo dedicated his talents to creating a visual
representation of what his fans have referred to as “one of the greatest showcases of individual
art to hit the Latin music scene.” Zawezo explains, “ The greatest show on earth is the circus. I call my
debut solo album “El Circo” (The Circus) because I want to give my fans the greatest music and show
ever! I want them know I appreciate them and only want to give them my best” (Zawezo Del Patio,
Music Choice Interview).
After “El Circo”, Zawezo took time to give back to the community. He was involved in charities
such as Songs of Love where he wrote personalized songs for terminally ill children (LINKS),
Mission One Voice where he performed for the troops and their families… He also participated
in events such as Back to School Festivals hosted by La Mega where he donated school
supplies to children, Secret Santa for the kids, serving holiday meals to the less fortunate.
Remembering his struggles as a child growing up in the Dominican Republic, Zawezo decided
to go back to his roots to donate school supplies to the children.
As Zawezo continued his musical journey, he found ways to constantly evolve his sound. He
collaborated with one of Sony Spain’s top Hip-Hop artist, Tote King with the single titled “Living
it up”. That single led to singles with many local artists throughout Spain with songs like “New
York City to Malaga City” and “Tonight.” Back in New York, Zawezo jumped on several tracks
with Dominican artists, “Capea Dough”, “Come to My Hood” and “Yo Si Soy Rap”, all Latin hip
hop tracks. Touching the reggaeton side of Latin music, Zawezo got to work on singles like
“Sacafricio” ft Mr. Phillips, “Sin Promesas”, ‘ Nadie Ocupa Tu Lugar” Ft Artista Rosario.
Keeping to the diversity and originality of Zawezo, you have singles like “No Strings” “Say No To
The Dream Seller” “Corre Caminos” and so many more. Zawezo has one of the most diverse
catalogs in the Latin industry. Always challenging himself, Zawezo started to focus on Bilingual
tracks “Celebrate The Night”, “Beautiful”, “No More”.
Music and creativity runs thru Zawezo’s veins. He continues to generate new music and
videos. From the Dominican Republic to the Bronx, Zawezo continues to challenge himself with
his music and unique style, Latin Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, Romance, Tropical Latin Rhythms, in both
English and Spanish..
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Zawezo Del'Patio

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Zawezo Del'Patio

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